DUTCH MASTERS, a portrait of Hans Eykelboom, photographer, 15  minutes. November 2013


Our new project REMEMBRANCE OF A SAD DAWN,  Keydocs in co-production with NCRV television. A filmessay about the mystery of love and death, and mourning, selfpity and the question where our beloved one is after he left us.












Martyn’s Mini-Movie with Dutch Director Ramon Maria Gieling

Ready to get massively bummed out on the poignancy of life and death? Amazing Dutch dubstep producer Martyn’s father was Gerrie Deijkers, a star player for Netherlands football club PSV, who died in 2003 of heart failure. In Great Lengths, Martyn’s collaboration with director Ramon Maria Gieling, he pays tribute to his father’s memory by re-enacting his death, a gorgeously shot and totally gut-wrenching scene in which he clutches his heart on a football field as his wife, portrayed by celebrated Dutch actress Halina Reijn, looks on helplessly. He’s then sent off to a lonely, toy-piano’d heaven after a colorful party, all scored with tracks from Martyn’s debut album Great Lengths (2009). It is the most beautiful and thoughtful thing you’ll watch today. It’s seven minutes long, but allot at least three more for introspection/deeply experiencing your feelings. (via Dummy Mag)


‘Feast of Ashes’ (the title I got from a poem of Federico Garcia Lorca) was my first ‘official’ film. Photography  Marc Felperlaan Sound  Lukas Boeke Camera-assistant  Theo Bierkens Art direction  Guus van Geffen Costume design  Ali Gunter Make up  Karin van Dijk, Music  Thom Willems Edited by  Ton de Graaff. Chief Production  Willy Breebaart Production Assistant  Hans Treffers. Still photography  Ferry Andre de la Porte. Soundmix  Wim Vonk. Written and directed by  Ramon Gieling. Produced by Olga Madsen. With  Hans Hoes, Bea Meulman, Paul Gieske, Wilbert Gieske Cor Witschge, Anita Menist a.o. Shot on location in June 1982. Running Time 47 minutes, 16 mm. Released november 1982

THE LIVING SILENCE [1984]  Klaas Gubbels was already a well known painter when I got to know him, that was in 1978. He had heard of me (Arnhem was then even smaller than it still is today) and asked me if I wanted to print some of his lithograph-series. I accepted gratefully en we got a relationship of master/pupil. Five years later I decided to make a film about the fact that he spends his whole life painting tables (and a chair now and then). Kees Hin, who did the interviews with Klaas, pushed me into a more daring way of making film. I think ‘The Living Silence’ has some nice moments. Concerning ‘form’, I could try out some new ideas and techniques  that worked out fine.

Photography  Goert Giltaij, Sound  Lukas Boeke
Camera Assistant  Su Chen Tan
General Assistant  Eugene van den Bosch
Edited by  Jan Wouter van Reijen
Music  Thom Willems
Written and directed by  Ramon Gieling
Produced by  Rens Oomens, ‘t Aambeeld. With  Marius van Beek, Kees Hin, Ad Gerritsen, Paul Hefting. 55 minutes 16 mm. NOS Television
Nomination Golden Calf 1984



 Photography  Goert Giltay, Gaffer  Eugene van den Bosch Camera-assistant  Su Chen Tan, Clapper loader  Barbara Hin Edited by  Jan Wouter van Reijen, Art direction  Guus van Geffen Music by  Thom Willems. Still photography  Neeltje Hin Written and directed by  Ramon Gieling Produced by  Frans van de Staak.  With  Catherine ten Bruggencate, Bea Meulman, Andrea Fiege, Wiske Sterringa and Paul Gieske. Running time  60 m. 16 mm.

DUENDE [1986] Based upon an essay of Federico Garcia Lorca. 16 mm. 55 minutes. The duende is a strong, dark, creative force in Flamenco and Bullfight. Photography Goert Giltay, Sound Lukas Boeke Assistance Catherine ten Bruggencate. With: Famila Agujetas, Familia Amador, Salvador Vega, Antonio Corbacho. Input Stockholm 1989

BETWEEN FRONT AND HOMEFRONT, about composer Simeon ten Holt. With Simeon ten Holt, Kees Wieringa, Anne Haenen. Photography Goert Giltay

MINIATURE  [1988] A short portrait of Dutch filmmaker Johan van de Keuken.


I began the film with just an idea and no money. I wrote scenes, shot them, re-wrote the scenes and shot them again. In that period, I tried the improvising way –it was the first and last time. The main idea however is one that returns in some of my films; a controversial character shows up into the lives of a group of people, disappeares and is remembered in a reunion. In this case the character was Julio, an angel that turned the lives of that group upside down. Some critics spoke of a refreshing and original film, others of an original failure. The truth will be somewhere in the middle. But is was an enthousiastic group of people –crewmembers and actors- that was willing to go along in the adventure.

Written and directed by Ramon Gieling, Photography Guus van Geffen
Camera assistant  Barbara Hin, Sound Markus Nijssen
Art direction Serge van Opzeeland, Ruben  Schwartz
Edited  by Jan Dop, Ton de Graaff Costume design  Maria Guillaume
Gaffer  Tinus Holthuis Grip  Henk van der Krabbe Production Coco Schrijber
General assistant  Pieter Hoefman Production assistant  Wim van Geffen
Produced by  Suzanne van Voorst, Yuca Film. With Anneke Blok, Marieke Heebink, Hans Hoes Hein van der Heyden, Leo de Boer, Barbara Feldbrugge, Jaap Spijkers a.o. Running time 82 minutes, 16 mm. Premiere Rotterdam Filmfestival 1990
Release March 1990


In 1993 I was in Petersburg four a couple of days, as a guest of the Petersburg Filmfestival. Nostalgia for Death was shown there. It was February and it was cold and the Petersburg people drank a lot of wodka. In the five days I spent there I saw more incredible things happen than in a whole year before. During a reception I saw a drunkard (too much wodka) fall from the second floor on the marble floor of the patio. Back in Holland I wrote the script for a short film inspired by my staying in Petersburg. We shot it entirely in the studio’s with marvelous and inventive sets designed by Guus van Geffen. It was fun making it, Michiel Nooter played the main character and anti-heroe Janus. One year later the film was presented at the Petersburg Festival.

Written and directed by  Ramon Gieling, Photography  Wiro Felix
Sound  Kees de Groot, Gaffer  Jaap Veldhoen, Art direction  Guus van Geffen. Set dresser  Erly Brugmans, Camera assistant  Barbara Hin
Make up  Marielle Hoevernaars, Edited by Danniel Danniel
Music  Thom Willems, Still Photography  Neeltje Hin
Production  Karin de Boer, Produced by  Jura Film With  Michiel Nooter, Anneke Blok, Sylvia Poorta, Xander Straat, Titus Muyzelaar, Han Oldigs, Caroline van Houten. Running time; 18 minutes 35 mm.
Premiere Rotterdam International Filmfestival



Another (short) film I started with no money. I wrote a dialogue for and old man and his son. The son visits his father once a week and finds him bitter of the world. This strange and angry film ends with a morbid game the old man and his son play every week. Louis, the father has to lie in a coffin in order to rehearse his death.

Michiel Nooter is an actor I worked with in several of my theatre-plays and he did a fine job. I thought it was important to do some acting myself and decided to play the part of the father, Louis. We rehearsed in my loft some ten long afternoons and shot it in four days, edited it in six, and showed it to the director of the Rotterdam Filmfestival who was willing to present it at his annual festival. Written and directed by  Ramon Gieling, Photography  Wiro Felix Sound  Alfred Bueno, Hens van Rooy, Gaffer  Jaap Veldhoen Make up  Marielle Hoevernaars Music Thom Willems Production  Karin de Boer Edited by  Frans van de Staak, Ramon Gieling. Wiith  Michiel Nooter and Ramon Gieling Running time: 25 minutes, 16 mm Shot in December 1994. Premiere January 1995 on the Rotterdam International Filmfestival

OFF MINOR  [1996]


Written and and directed by Ramon Gieling. Photography Jaap Veldhoen/Erik van Empel Camera Assistant Chiel van Dongen. Sound Kees de Groot
Art direction Vincent de Pater. Costumes Bernadette Corstens
Make up Marielle Hoevernaars Directors assistent Simone van Dusseldorp
Script & Continuity Frederique Jochems Edited by Jan Dop Music Thom Willems
Casting Hans Kemna NPS Television Wim Ode, Marina Blok Production Karin de Boer. Produced by Jan Heijs & Ruud Monster Jura Film

With Gijs Scholten van Aschat, Katelijne Verbeke, Johan van Assche Hans Croiset, Suzanne Visser, Rutger le Poole
Running time 80 minutes 35 mm.
Released April 1996, Broadcasted September 1997
Golden Gate Award San Francisco
Nominated Banff Festival

‘In het door Ramon Gieling geregiseerde Off Minor draait het om de aan lager wal geraakte musicus Maximilliaan Belmer. Zijn huwelijk met Irma (Katelijne Verbeke), die een modellenbureau runt, is vastgelopen. Beiden verschansen zich achter leugens. In een vlaag van verstandsverbijstering doodt hij zijn vrouw, waarna de film met een reconstructie van de laatste weken voor deze wanhoopsdaad, probeert te achterhalen waar de grens overschreden werd. Alle aanwezigen bij de viewing tonen zich diep onder de indruk van deze film. De sfeer die de film oproept wordt als uiterst beklemmend ervaren en het acteerwerk van de hoofdrolspelers, met name van Gijs Scholten van Aschat, wordt hoog geprezen. Off Minor leunt zozeer op zijn cinematografische vorm, dat enkelen spreken van een speelfilm die toevallig voor televisie is gemaakt. Niet dat het uitmaakt, als theatrale scenario’s zo verfilmd kunnen worden, dan graag.’

DETAIL UNWOUND [1996] 16 mm. 80 minutes. About composer Thom Willems and choreographer William Forsythe. Photography Eugene van den Bosch. Sound Wouter Veldhuis. Production Anne Marie de Brauw. With Thom Willems, Jan Boerman, William Forsythe, Dana Caspersen a.o. Allegri Film and NPS

THE FUTURE IS IN AN HOUR  [1997] Photography Jaap veldhoen

NO MERCY  [1998] Feature with Katelijne Verbeke (nomination best actress of the year). Photography Piotr Kukla.

BUNUELS PRISONERS [2000] Shot in Las Hurdes. VPRO Television. Produced by Pieter van Huystee Film. Photography Goert Giltay Sound Harold Jalving. Produced by Pieter van Huystee Film & La Productora, Barcelona. Fripesci 2000 and Don Quijote Award.

As an actor in ‘Far Away’, by Louis van Gasteren

CINE AMBULANTE  [2001] 16 mm. 60 minutes. Photography Ton Peters. Sound Harold Jalving.


WELCOME TO HADASSAH HOSPITAL [2002] 52 minutes 16 mm. Shot in Israel. VPRO Television. Photography Ton Peters Sound Wib Nelissen. Production Pieter van Huystee Film & VPRO Televison.

EN UN MOMENTO DADO [2004] 35 mm. 90 minutes.                                                        Shot in Barcelona. Photography Martijn van Benen Sound Jaime Edited by Govert Janse. Music Diego Carrasco. With Johan Cruijff, Emilio Butragueno, Sergi Pamies, Gemma Folg. Nominations for Prix de Europe and Prix de Italia / Banf

LUCK [2005] 35 mm. 12 minutes . With Tjitske Reidinga, Romijn Conen, Joop Keesmaat.  Photography Erwin Roodhart. Art direction Guus van Geffen. Edited by Govert Janse. With; Tjitske Reidinga. Music Paul van Brugge

THE GARDEN OF REMEMBRANCE [2006] Photography  Sound Wouter Veldhuis Edited by Govert Janse. Music Paul van Brugge. Pilar Manjon a.o.

19 DIAS Y 500 NOCHES [2008] 90 min. shot on location in Madrid, Ubeda, Granada, Aranjuez. With Caco Senante, Alejandro Talavante, Javier Krahe, Enrique Morente a.o. Photography Martijn van Broekhuizen Sound Rik Meijer Art direction Guus van Geffen Nomination Golden Calf 2009. Many Festivals. Best Documentary Cinestrat 2009 Buenos Aires, Lima ans Alicante.


TRAMONTANA [2009] 100 min. shot on location in Cadaques february/march 2009. With Yohana Cobo, Lluis Soler, Pepa Lopez, Sebastian Haro and others. Photography Goert Giltay, Production design Guus van Geffen, Wardrobes Bernadette Corstens. Written and Directed by Ramon Gieling. Openingfilm Dutch Filmfestival 2009

GREAT LENGTH  [2010]  35 mm. 8 minutes Videoclip. With Halina Reijn, Martyn Deykers, Michiel Nooter. Photography Goert Giltay. Art direction Vincent de Pater Music Martyn. Youtube

TRAILER THERESA IMMACULATA  [2011]  Youtube: Theresa Immaculata. With Sylvia Hoeks, Halina Reijn and Matthias Schoenaerts. Youtube ‘Theresa Immaculata’

ABOUT CANTO [2011] 80 minutes Super 16 mm. Aout the dramatic influence of Canto ostinato on the lives of ten characters. Premiere IDFA 2011. Photography Goert Giltay, Edited by Patrick Janssens Sound Eddy de Cloe. Art direction Vincent de Pater. With Simeon ten Holt, Halina Reijn, Hans Ruijssenaars, Colette Noel a.o.




BLIND FORTUNE / FORTUNA CIEGA [ 2012] The world seen through the eyes of blind lottery sellers. Shot in Malaga and Sevilla. Premiere IDFA 2012. Photography; Goert Giltay Sound Daniel Munoz Edited by Patrick Janssens / Gaffer Eugene van den Bosch  Directors assistant Salvador Gieling Produced by Pieter van Huystee / Ana Sanchez & RTVEA