Some Research On How The Rock Got So Big For Hercules

The Herculean Workout Plan: the Look of a DemigodHuge

One of the most sought after movies from the summer was Hercules which starred 2013 Highest Paid Actor Dwayne Johnson – not a bad stint for someone who started out fame in a wrestling ring with tight leather trunks, right? Hercules is indeed a momentous role for The Rock and having the right preparation to look his best and turn into a sure shot demigod took him a lot of time and effort, all put into his training sessions as well as his daily diet. (See The Herculean Workout Plan: the Look of a Demigod for more info)

You need to give Dwayne Johnson a lot of credit as he has managed to go through so many movie roles and each time winning audiences with his spectacular action sequences and awesome physique. Interviews from The Rock have him admitting that the workouts he have been going through for most of his movies are not an easy task, all of which require a lot of determination, will power and stamina.

The Duration of the Hercules Workout Plan

Specific results take a lot of time and for The Rock to be able to achieve the body that he wanted to turn into he had to specifically follow a 6-month workout program and also focused on eating right for the next 22 weeks. He seriously took on the role as Hercules and himself had to go through a “12 Labors” kind of challenge to be able to sustain a clean diet and match it with grueling and high intensity workouts at the gym.

The Exercise Routine

Dwayne Johnson had to seriously give his body the shock of its life to be able to push through the changes that he wanted to accomplish. The goal of turning into a demigod had him dealing with a much more intense exercise program that made him go through different muscles groups every day of the week.

Every Monday would be for chest exercises: 10 to 12 repetitions of 3 to 5 sets -exercises he had to perform were chest presses, dumbbell flyes and cable machine variations

Every Tuesday would be for leg exercises: beginning from 15 repetitions or until failure is reached and for 3 to 4 sets -exercises he would perform were squats, lunges, extensions and curls

Every Wednesday would be for arms and abs: beginning from 10 repetitions or until failure is reached and for 3 to 4 sets-exercises he would perform are twists, extensions and curls

Every Thursday would be for back exercises: beginning from 10 repetitions or until failure is reached and for 3 to 4 sets-exercises he would perform are rows, pull ups and extensions

Every Friday would be for shoulder exercises: 10 to 15 repetitions of 3 to 4 sets-exercises he would perform are raises and presses

Every Saturday would again be for leg exercises

And every Sunday would be dedicated to recovery and rest, very essential to keep a better looking physique

The Diet and Eating Habits

As mentioned earlier, it was not just the exercise regimen that kept Dwayne Johnson in tremendous effort because even what he had to eat somehow kept him managing a lot of detail. Each food that he ate were very well monitored through weighing and he had to strictly eat 7 meals a day that contained protein (eggs, chicken, fish, fillet mignon) and healthy carbohydrates and grains (potato, broccoli, salads and oatmeal).

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